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Please read through what our patients have to say.

Dear Dr. Camm and Office,

I just wanted to thank you for the extraordinary care that you give my grandmother, Ann Shells, and my mother, Joyce Sammon. They have raved about you for years saying how gentle and nice you are. They also have good things to say about everyone in the office, noting how kind they all are.

Especially appreciated is the deep discounts you give my mother and grandmother; believe me, the financial relief for them is very, very much appreciated.

Lastly, when you sent my grandmother the mailgram about being patient of the day, she was thrilled. She keeps it on her bedside and reads it to everyone who calls her.

I thank you for taking my call on Sunday morning and giving me your cell number. That is above the call of duty and I have never had a medical professional offer such a service. My sister took my grandmother into the office on Monday and you said she was healing nicely. My sister indicated you carried your cell phone with you all of Sunday just in case I called.

I am forever grateful to you and your staff for your wonderful care and above all your compassion to your patients.

Sharon McLellan Hubers

"Dear Dr. Camm, Judy, Donna and Office,

Thank you for taking the time to work with me on how to best tackle my recent accident/injury where my front teeth were knocked out. If I didn't express it clearly when I was there, I really want you all to know how much I appreciate your working with me to find the best way to restore the beautiful work that Dr. Camm performed nearly twenty-two years ago. The pain from knocking out the teeth was not as bad as the pain I felt having damaged Dr. Camm's magnificient hard work, but as unfortunate my accident was, it has given me a new opportunity to show off Dr. Camm's work, and tell others what a gentle, wonderful staff you have at your office.

As I mentioned when I was there, the temporary bridge that Donna made looks far better than most permanent crowns or bridges I have seen ! I came into your office covering my frown shortly after my accident (as I did 22 years ago) and left the office proud to smile again with a temporary bridge that looked every bit as good as the original crowns, assured that soon I would have a perfect smile again. Thank you ALL again and I look forward to seeing you all again during my next visits!"

"I have been a patient of the Camm & Golian  practice since 1978. I had many dental issues in previous years and a total reconstruction was in order. I am one of the worst type of people to have in the chair, however when I am in the dental chair I always feel that I am the only patient of the practice. I was never made to feel that the clinical persons were uncomfortable with me as a patient. I now wear a smile that I could never imagine wearing. Thanks to Drs.. Camm & Golian I am a walking testimony of their tolerance and technique.

I am so proud to say that I have worked with these people for 26 years now and am honored that so many of my friends, family, church and acquaintances also have been part of the practice as long. We are now seeing the third and forth generations; I like to refer to them as our 'Grand-patients'"

- Judy

"As a patient of Dr. Camm's for over twenty-five years I can say with all honesty that the level of skill and expertise in that office is truly unmatched.

They are responsive to all emergencies, special health issues, and financial difficulties.  I have never walked into or out of Dr. Camm's office disappointed. 

But the most remarkable quality of Dr. Camm and the girls in his office is their gift of genuinely making you part of their family."

Karen P.

"Gayle and I have been patients of Dr. Golian for at least 8 years. The dental care we have received has been excellent. We were told what we needed, what the procedure was and the options available if we chose to go ahead or chose to do nothing. I can't say enough about the professional quality and care you receive while in their care, whether it is cleaning, crowns or fillings. The staff is very friendly, helpful and willing to be flexible with your scheduling of appointments, based on our time schedule whenever possible. It is very much like a family; they take the time to make you feel welcome and are concerned about your dental care."

- John and Gayle F

"I visited many dentists and they told me that I had to have all the work done in a year. I am a single bread earner and could not afford to pay all in a year. Dr. Camm worked with me and did it in 5 years. Without his expertise, I would probably have kept having ulcers on my tongue and eventually would have ended up with full dentures. I used to have a partial denture. Dr. Camm did implants. I would recommend implants even if you have to take out a loan. Implants are a 10. Dentures are a minus 5!

Dr. Camm is the most patient, gentle dentist that I have ever gone to. I have had very extensive work done. He is fabulous, kind, and he listens to his patients. He even got a different kind of mouthwash when I didn't like the one that he had. When I have an appointment I never had to wait. When I had an emergency, he squeezed me in that day. He even has good magazines in his waiting room and is always smiling. I would recommend Dr. Camm to anyone. I can now smile when I have my picture taken because of all his work.

The ladles that work with Dr. Camm are exceptional. Everyone is so friendly and kind and helpful. They all make the effort to know you by name. It is like an "old fashioned" office. It takes you back in time when everyone was polite and friendly and the customer was always right". Dr. Camm treated my elderly mother with dignity and respect He was the first dentist that she did not complain about."

- Joanne M

"Kelly and I have been patients of Dr. Camm' s for many years and wouldn't rely on anyone else for our dental health. Dr. Camm provides thorough, gentle care in an atmosphere that's relaxing and comfortable, and his staff is just as wonderful as he is."

- Chuck and Kelly T

"Dr. Golian and his staff are so caring and nice. They always make you feel so welcome and like you are a friend rather than a patient. The work that Dr .Golian has done has made such a difference in how my teeth look and feel. All of the sensitivity that I have had for years is gone. "

- Wendy P

"Dr. Golian is someone I can trust completely for all my dental care and to always be concerned about wise choices in regards to treatment.  A really great warm friendly guy!

The office staff also is warm, friendly and caring."

- RF

"We moved to Brunswick in August 1977  In September, my husband and I and our five children became patients of Dr. Newll who was in practice with Dr. Camm.  When Dr. Newell left the area we became Dr. Camm's patients. My entire family has always received professional dental care whether it was routine check ups or emergency dental work. Eight years ago our son was in a car accident and needed major dental repairs. I shall always be grateful for the care and concern given by Judy Delorm and Donna (and Linda, dental assistant) as well as Dr. Camm for additional caring.      

I am thankful for Dr. Camm, Judy, Donna, and Linda (dental assistant) for doing much to allay my fears of going to the dentist.

- Pauline W

"Year after year I've needed major dentistry work done.  If ti wasn't for Dr. Camm and his professional staff I don't know what I'd do."

- Cheye M

"I have been going to Dr. Camm & Golian since 1977.  My children and grand children also go to Dr. Camm & Golian.  They are our family dentists.  I now live in
Warren and I travel over 150 miles round trip to go to Drs. Camm & Golian.  I will not change dentists.  They, and their entire office staff are very professional & courteous."

- Bob S

"Dear Dr. Camm & Staff,

I would like to thank you and your staff for providing such wonderful care for me over the past few months.  Having just had my dental implant yesterday everything is still fresh in my mind about your care & service.  From the first time I talked to your secretary and receptionists I was treated with such pleasant and professional people.  All my appointments for a consultations which was very informative, to having a series of digital x-rays, to a very thorough cleaning done by Cathy, were all on-time and all a very positive experience.

Then came my extraction / implant appointment and once again I was treated to a very confident, caring, compassionate and completely wonderful assistants and Dr. Camm himself who left no doubt in my mind that I was in the best hands.  I was very impressed with his painless I-V and pretty much pain-free recovery.  I am so excited with my new implant and with the exceptional care I received.  Your office is to be commended for its professionalism and positive attitude displayed by everyone I cam in contact with.

Working in the health care profession myself, I know how important it is to be confident and to make your patients feel at ease which is how I felt as your patient.

Thank you again for providing the best quality care that I could have ever imagined."

Maria C

Dear Dr. Camm,

Words could never express my gratitude for all you've done for me. I'll always remember your kindness. You've restored my self-esteem more than you'll ever realize. This past year has een extremely rough for me since my fall in July. My morale is higher now than its been in a very long time.

With great appreciation I thank you,


Dr. Camm did a marvelous job on my implants. I really appreciate it very much. 

I had visited other dentists before I went to see Dr. Camm. They told me that it was impossible for me to have implants. No need to say how disappointed I was. When Dr. Camm told me that he can do it, I was very excited. He sure DID it !!! The implants look so natural and beautiful. I almost felt like that I never lost my teeth.

Dr. Camm was providing the best quality care and he was always so pleasant, patient and gentle when he worked on my implants. I also want to thank his dental assistant, Donna, for being so patient and helpful. The ladies at the front are all very friendly and polite.